Our ethics

Here at Harthill Hogroasts, we focus on the two things:

Where we source our produce from and you, our customer.

Quality & Compassion


is the buzz word used by

most caterers, 

but little is heard of 




At harthill hogrosts, our belief is that 




husbandry is key to producing a superior quality product, both for palate and conscience.

we work closely with independant farms and craft butchers alike to ensure that all the produce we use comes from the highest welfare environments possible.

cutting through the jargon

There are plenty of phrases 

associated with the different

 “systems” in place for pork production. 

All are defined to explain to consumers the different methods and conditions farmers implement to rear pigs

the problem we have found is….


 ..they are more suggestive, 

than factual. 

please click here to learn more about classification of uk pigs in pork farms.

The souluion

awareness and understanding

the less we understand about food production,

 the better… 

if profit is the only goal.

we belive in a 

“free range” system,

 like the one at 

red hill farm

it is the only option available when it comes to both quality and welfare.

as a business, we are committed to working with farms like these and building awarness of why to use them 

over the more common 

“factory” system 

that is more common

 in mainstream pork production.